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What does Slides GPT?

SlidesGPT is an innovative artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to revolutionize the way we create presentations. By simply inputting a prompt, SlidesGPT crafts an entire presentation, reminiscent of ChatGPT’s conversational style. Whether you’re a fan of PowerPoint or Google Slides, this AI ensures you save countless hours and significant mental energy, while also allowing instant sharing capabilities with your team. A standout feature is the inclusion of speaker notes and images in the generated presentations.

Characteristics of Slides GPT

AI-Powered Slide Generation: At its core, SlidesGPT is driven by artificial intelligence, ensuring the generated slides are relevant and professional. Multiple Platform Compatibility: It seamlessly works with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. Customization: After generating, users can further customize their presentations to better align with their vision. Design Templates: Supports basic design templates to ensure your slides look visually appealing. High-Quality File Formats: Provides the option to download presentations in various formats like PowerPoint, PDF, or Google Slides, suitable for offline use, editing, and printing.

Slides GPT Use Cases

Academic Conferences: Useful for academics discussing advancements in machine learning. Banking Strategies: Ideal for slide presentations on account strategies in banking. Educational Purposes: Teachers and trainers can generate presentations on a myriad of subjects. Consultancy: A boon for consultants experiencing writer’s block at the onset of a project. General Purpose: Quick presentation creation for school assignments or business meetings.

Pros of Slides GPT

  • Streamlines the process of presentation creation.
  • Supports multiple platforms: PowerPoint and Google Slides.
  • Offers customization and high-quality downloading options.
  • Provides a free plan with unlimited presentations and basic design templates.
  • Mobile-friendly, compatible with major mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Cons of Slides GPT

  • A fee of $2.50 per download if you wish to download the presentations.
  • Currently, health/medical-related topics are beyond SlidesGPT's capabilities.
  • Limited to basic design templates.

Our conclusions of Slides GPT

SlidesGPT is a testament to how AI can simplify and optimize traditionally time-consuming tasks. With its unique ability to generate full-fledged presentations from mere prompts, it’s undoubtedly a game-changer for professionals across fields. As AI continues to evolve, tools like SlidesGPT herald a future where technology and creativity coalesce, resulting in enhanced productivity and innovation.

Slides GPT FAQ's

What is SlidesGPT’s primary function?

To generate presentations using AI based on user prompts.

Which platforms are supported by SlidesGPT?

PowerPoint and Google Slides.

How do I use SlidesGPT?

Input your text, select a presentation theme, and click ‘Create presentation’.

Are there any costs involved with SlidesGPT?

It offers a free plan, but downloading presentations costs $2.50 per download.

Can SlidesGPT handle medical topics?

No, medical topics are currently beyond its scope.

Is SlidesGPT mobile-compatible?

Yes, it works on Android, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms.

How can SlidesGPT save me time?

By instantly generating presentations based on your input, reducing manual effort.

Can I customize the presentations? Yes, after generation, you can further customize them.

Does it include images and speaker notes?

Yes, the generated presentations come with speaker notes and images.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, you only pay when you choose to download a presentation.

Users think about Slides GPT

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