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What does Stack AI?

Stack AI is a groundbreaking no-code AI automation platform designed for organizations and products aiming to weave AI capabilities seamlessly into their day-to-day functions. By enabling tailor-made AI functionalities like ChatGPT, it offers a comprehensive no-code solution for a myriad of AI applications.

Characteristics of Stack AI

Database Co-Pilots: Streamline and automate processes by connecting AI to renowned databases such as Notion, Airtable, and Postgres. Chatbots and Email Integration: Engage with users, provide answers, and gather valuable information using your database and APIs. Web and Document Processing: Employ AI to extract valuable insights, condense information, and answer queries from documents and web sources. Content Creation Tools: Easily generate tags, abstracts, and transfer styles between varied documents and data sources. Customizable User Interface: Adapt and tailor your application’s appearance using the platform’s modifiable UI.

Stack AI Use Cases

Integration with External Apps: With Stack AI, users can smoothly connect with documents, databases, external applications, and more. Effortless Data Loading: Simplify the process of loading data from varied sources such as files, websites, or databases. Tools for Large Language Models (LLMs): Allow your LLM to communicate and work with the external digital world by integrating seamlessly with varied APIs, including the likes of Google Search and WolframAlpha. Quick Experimentation: Swiftly experiment with diverse prompts and AI structures at the tap of a button. Real-Time User Delivery: Stack AI boasts of hosting all user workflows as APIs, ensuring near-instantaneous delivery with minimal latency.

Pros of Stack AI

  • Comprehensive no-code solution for multiple AI applications.
  • Seamless integration with various databases and APIs.
  • Swift experimentation and real-time delivery to users.
  • Strong security measures, including end-to-end encryption.

Cons of Stack AI

  • Might require a learning curve for individuals new to no-code platforms.
  • Pricing can be on the steeper side for advanced plans.

Our conclusions of Stack AI

Stack AI stands out as a versatile no-code platform, reshaping the way organizations incorporate AI into their operations. Its robust features, combined with seamless integrations, make it a go-to choice for both AI enthusiasts and professionals.

Stack AI FAQ's

What Large Language Models are available in Stack AI?

Stack AI supports a plethora of LLMs, including those from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and several open-source models from Replicate.

Is there a size or complexity limit for documents in Stack AI?

Users can upload documents of any size or complexity.

How secure is data in Stack AI?

The platform ensures comprehensive encryption of user data and follows stringent data storage protocols.

Are there pricing tiers for Stack AI?

Yes, it offers four pricing tiers, ranging from a Free version to a custom-priced Enterprise plan.

Can I utilize my API keys?

Absolutely, users can input their API keys for individual LLMs or Embeddings models.

Is the data processed by Stack AI used for training?

No, data from the tool isn’t used or stored for training.

Where are OpenAI models hosted?

OpenAI models, when accessed via API Key, are hosted in a private cloud on Azure.

Does Stack AI offer an on-premise version?

Yes, they provide an on-premise variant that allows access to open-source LLMs and Vector Stores.

Can I customize the user interface of my application?

Indeed, Stack AI provides tools to customize your application’s appearance to suit your needs.

Are there templates available for common workflows?

Yes, users can leap into their projects using a vast library of templates suitable for typical workflows.

Users think about Stack AI

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